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A Message from George:
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Dear Friend,

Strap your seatbelt tight... and... Don't pee in your pants.

This will be a heart pumping, spine-tingling ride..... 

The car business is like riding shotgun in a Dodge Viper.... driven by a tipsy  NASCAR Driver (which I have done by the way!) The G's press you into the seat HARD like an F/18 Hornet fighter jet... you can't even lean forward and touch the dashboard - no lie!

At every turn, this car business is exhilarating & FUN.  You get to drive anything.  Buy anything. It's your business! (No one tells you what to do.)

In fact.... it's the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on! 

The best part is... you can start this business part time (from home) with very little money (compared to opening say a restaurant)...  OR... GO BIG and get your dealers license. Your choice.

Plus..."Flipping a car for profit" feels like you won money instead of "worked for it" - almost like you stole it (if you know what I mean).  It's an intoxicating way to earn bushels of cash.  No doubt about it. 
So... Whether you want to be a used car dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker... 
you have come to the right place. 
The good ole American car business is alive and well. More profitable than ever.  And... It ain't going anywhere. 

I love the car business. I bleed red, white, & blue. Salute my flag. Praise my LORD God. Adore my wife. Protect my family. And...I hope you do too!

See you at the auction!

Go Fast,
George Dean

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Free Lesson #1
"Introduction To The Car Business"
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Note from George: 
[#today: {medium}]
Dear Friend,

Strap your seatbelt tight... and... Don't pee in your pants.

This will be a heart pumping, spin-tingling ride..... 

It's like riding shotgun in a Dodge Viper.... driven by a tipsy NASCAR Driver (which I have done by the way!) The G's press you into the seat HARD like F/18 Hornet fighter jet... you can't even lean forward and touch the dashboard - no lie!

Want to go on this ride with me? Of course you do!

At every turn, this car business is exhilarating & FUN. You get to drive anything. Buy anything. It's your business! No one tells you what to do. 

In fact.... it's the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on! 

The best part is.... you can start this business part time (from home)... OR... GO BIG and get your dealers license. Your choice.

"Flipping a car for profit" feels like you won money instead of "worked for it" - almost like you stole it (if you know what I mean). It's an intoxicating way to earn bushels of cash. No doubt about it. 
So... Whether you want to be a used car dealer, wholesaler, or auto broker... 
you have come to the right place. 
The good ole American car business is alive and well. More profitable than ever.  And... It ain't going anywhere. 

I love the car business. I bleed red, white, & blue. Salute my flag. Praise my LORD God. Adore my wife. Protect my family. And...I hope you do too!

See you at the auction!

Go Fast,
George Dean

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The car business is a GREAT American tradition and I am PROUD to present this training course to you!

This is the great ole American car business... men invented it... and to this day, it is dominated by men. REAL men. Salt of the earth men. We grunt. We scratch. We slay the dragon and bring home the meat. We take care of our family. We are loyal. We love our Wife. We pray with our children. We say Merry Christmas. We believe in One Nation Under God. We take care of our bills. We fulfill our obligations. We rely on ourselves. Our work ethic speaks for us. 

We get out of something what we put into it. We know there is no free ride. We know a good day's hard work is what every American needs. We salute our flag. We get chills when an F-18 flies over. When we draw a line in the sand, we mean it - just try us! Our word means something. We don't need contracts because a handshake is our contract. We protect the sheep because the sheep doesn't know they are sheep. We are men. We take care of business! We never let the negative talk of another unman us. We claim our stake. 

Do You Want To Start a Profitable Car Business?

If you want to start a profitable used car business... if you want to buy & sell used cars for profit... either as a part-time "side hustle" or a brand new career... you are in the right place!

It is pretty darn simple to flip a car and make $1200-$2500 per car. You don't need a degree in brain surgery.

Answer these two questions...

1) What if flipping cars for a profit works? (You know it does!)

2) What if I can do this? (and you can! I've trained stay-at-home moms to cops to insurance agents to military men)

Free Training Videos

Sign up for the free training videos. I put this training video together so you can meet me, feel my passion, and discover the depth of my knowledge. I want you to feel like you know me.... your new friend in the car business who will show you the ropes & keep you out of trouble.

I pray you learn a few things too. After all, you don't know what you don't know. I am here to teach you those things. I am here to accelerate your learning curve at least 3 years!  When you join the Auto Dealer Academy, you are fast forwarding your success three years. Nobody learns this stuff overnight. You are learning from an experienced guy who has been-there-done-that.

Work of Warning

Word of warning... what I am about to say might seem rude... and not "politically correct" to say. I am a straight shooter... a tell-you-how-it-is guy. I don't sugar coat things nor take snowflake feelings into consideration. I don't have a cry closet or puppies for you to play with afterwards. My job is to train you! My obligation is to be honest, forthright, and to the point.

So... here we go... This business is NOT for everyone. (But, once it gets in your blood, it is in your blood!) And.. it is my goal to stop that guy from ever joining. I can sniff a lazy loser, with hyped-up talk, no investment capital, and no real ambition a mile away! They talk a big game with nothing to back it up! In Texas, we say that person has "Big Hat, No Cattle". 

BUT.. if you have "right stuff", I will welcome you with open arms and will invite you to join the Auto Dealer Academy. I will give you my personal cell phone too. When you have a question, you call... if I don't answer... I will call you back OR shoot me a text. I can often respond to a text message sooner. 

My DNA is that of a COACH... in other words... I put all of myself into my students! I will always tell you the truth. 

Also... Answer this question.. ARE YOU READY??
       If you are dead broke and lazy... you aren't ready.
       If you need your wife's approval... you aren't ready YET.
       If you have to "think about it"... you aren't ready.
       If you are snowflake... grow up!

You get the picture - I'll come down off the stump now!

Why Join The Auto Dealer Academy

Now... to be candid, you do NOT need any car industry experience to enroll. I can get your trained up! That is my job and your job is to do the sweat equity required.

If you join the Auto Dealer Academy.... I'll be your mentor.  The step-by-step training program will get you from Point A to Point Z. AND... This next part is HUGE... You will not be alone. I will be right here.. right beside you.... to answer your questions and help you. I will be on your team! I will be just a phone call away.

You see... I have been training guys (and ladies) since 1997! I've seen every mistake and made many of them myself. This training program will SHORT CUT your learning curve by years! And.. it will save you thousands of dollars because you will not be paying the "stupid tax" so many others have to pay!

If you have been looking for a mentor, I just might be the guy you've been looking for. I know, in my own life, the next mentor  seems to appear JUST when I need him! Just when I am ready for my next step.... a mentor seems to appear to help me. I hope I can be that guy for you!

Course Outline

Below... is a "Course Outline"... a course syllabus if you will. 

As you will discover, it is quite IN DEPTH & THOROUGH. I leave no stone unturned. EXCEPT... I do not teach one thing... it is importing/exporting cars. I just don't know a darn thing about it and I NEVER pretend to know something when I don't. So, if you want to learn import/export, I am not your guy. Just letting you know up front.

The Auto Dealer Academy's study course has been called the "Bible of The Used Car Industry". It is a complete study course, backed by decades of "insider" industry experience. It has been "battlefield" tested over and over... from small rural towns to the bustling big cities ALL over this great nation. You will not be disappointed.

Course Outline
    • Module 1: Page 7

      Industry Overview
      Six Step Profit Process Introduction
      Ten Reasons to Start a Profitable Used Car Business
      Advice for Beginners
      Ten Golden Commandments to Success In the Used Car Business
      Ethics & the Car Business
      18 Places to Buy Cars
      Car Jargon
      Used Car Inspection Process Introduction
      Inspecting Private Party Cards
      Inspecting at Auctions
      Inspecting Dealer Inventory
      The Walk Around
      Identifying Paintwork the Old Fashion Way
      Nine Easy Ways to Identify Paintwork
      Has the Car Been in An Accident?
      Does Paintwork/Bodywork Affect the Value of a Car?
      Identifying Frame Damage
      First Frame Check
      Second Frame Check
      Third Frame Check
      Fourth Frame Check
      VIN Check
      Mechanical Inspection
      Fluid Check
      Belts Check
      Battery Check
      Air Filter Check
      CV Joints Check
      Exhaust System Check
      Smoke - Black, Blue, & White
      Rust = Cancer
      Flood Damage Inspection
      Interior  Inspection
      Owners Manual and Maintenance Records
      Tips for Convertibles & Sunroofs
      Trunk Inspection
      Test Drive
      Professional Mechanic Check
      Thorough Pre-Purchase Inspection Sheet

      Module 2 Page 99

      Introduction to Valuation
      Seventeen Valuation Variables
      Reconditioning Costs
      Options on the Car
      Time of the Year
      Lease Returns
      Frame Damage
      Current News Releases
      Location of Car
      Current Inventory Needs
      Model Year Change
      Condition of the Tires
      What you can sell it for
      Wholesale or Retail?
      Smog Test?
      Five Valuation Exercises
      Exercise I
      Exercise II
      Exercise III
      Exercise IV
      Exercise V
      Common Valuation Method I for Beginners
      Common Valuation Method II for Beginners
      Pricing Guides
      Black Book
      Grey Book
      Truck Book
      Final Thoughts on Valuation
      Buy The Car
      Thirty-Two Tips of Successful Negotiations
      Six Tips of Avoid Making a Stupid Purchase
      Recondition the Car
      Interior Detailing
      Exterior Detailing
      Engine Detailing
      Tires & Wheels Detailing
      Sell the Car & Pocket the Profit
      Set the Retail Price
      Ten Places to Sell Your Car
      Fifteen Tips to Writing a Classified Ad: 75 Power Words to Use
      The Walk Around
      Financing and Warranties
      Do the Paperwork

    •  ALSO INCLUDED: "How To Get Your Dealers License" eBook
      Module 3  Page 228

      Buy & Sell from Home Introduction
      Methods of Operation
      Advantages  & Disadvantages of Buying & Selling from Home
      Ten Commandments of Buying & Selling from Home
      How to Buy & Sell from Home
      Ins & Outs of Auctions
      Dealer Auction School Basics
      Auction Tips of Beginners
      Types of Sales
      The Auction Process
      Red Light, Green Light, Blue Light, Yellow Light
      Bidding Strategy
      Selling Your Car at the Auction
      Used Car Wholesaler
      Wholesaling Introduction
      Ways to Make Money Wholesaling
      Advantages & Disadvantages of Wholesaling
      Ten Commandments of Wholesaling Success
      The Good Ole Boy Network - Your Wealth Building Network
      More Wholesaling Information You Need to Know
      Trust - That is the Name of the Game
      How to "Get in the Door" with Used Car Managers
      How to Become a Wholesaler
      A Day in the Life of a Wholesaler
      Tools of the Trade
      14 Tips to Successful Wholesaling

      Module 4 Page 244

      Running a Small Car Lot
      Introduction to Wholesaling
      Ten Major Action Steps
      Find Location
      Get Permits & Licenses
      Line Up Financing
      Set up Line of Credit
      Decide Inventory Mix
      Visit Dealers, Wholesalers, & Auctions
      Market Report Research
      Build Network of Wholesalers
      Display Cars Effectively
       Sell the Car & Do the Paperwork
      Forms & Supplies
      Goals & Objectives
      Ten Commandants for Retailing Success
      Financing, Warranties, & Paperwork
      Finance Companies
      High Risk Finance Companies
      Inventory Turnover
      Inventory Mix
      Price Range of Cars & Your Mix
      Display Area Management & Inventory Rotation
      How to Improve Gross Profit
      Special Notes for Small Car Lots
      Dirty Car Tricks to Avoid
      Car Security
      Methods of Operation
      Where is the BIG Money in Retailing?
      Appraisals & Trade Ins
      Want to own a major franchise?
      Salesmen & Finance Managers
      Dealership Marketing
      Additional Thoughts

      Module 5  Page 338

      Auto Brokering Business (This is THE profit model I recommend!)
      Introduction to Auto Brokering
      Tips for Success
      Three Things You Must Do to be Successful
      Fifteen Steps to Successful Auto Brokering
      Step 1: Marketing
      Credit Unions
      Small Business Owners
      Networking Groups
      Web Presence
      Word of Mouth
      Company Benefits Package
      14 Other Marketing Ideas
      Step 2: Customer Walks Through Buying Process
      Step 3: Customer Meeting to Discuss Options & Value Trade In
      Telling the Client "The Story". Selling the "Experience"
      Taking Profitable Orders!
      Step 4: Write Up the Order
      Taking the Deposit
      Preselling the Warranty
      Step 5: Source the Vehicle
      Used Cars: Auctions, Wholesalers, Dealers, eBay, ...
      New Cars: Nine Step Process
      Step 6: Negotiate & Buy the Car
      New Car Tips
      Used Car Tips
      Step 7: Get a Buy Bid on Their Trade In

      Module 6  Page 404

      Step 8: Call the Client With Their Trade In Value & Price on Extended Service Contracts
      Step 9: Call the Client and Update on Your Search
      Step 10: Get the Car Inspected & Cleaned
      Step 11: Facilitate Financing
      Step 12: Have Paperwork Printed & Ready
      Step 13: Deliver the Car to the Clients Home/Office
      Step 14: Send a "Thank You" Card!
      Step 15: Call One Week, One Month, Six Months, One Year, & Forever!
      Building a Lifetime of Profit One Customer at a Time
      Let's Talk About Profit
    What Members Are Saying
    Hello George,

    I've purchased the Master Training course and it has been one of my best investments made thus far.

    As stated and overly emphasized in the training course, I'd taken my time to research and understand the dynamics of the car industry.  After viewing the training video on "How to inspect a car", I was amazed at how much fun it is to perform vehicle inspections.  After all, a vehicle inspection is the foundation for survival in the car business.  I will admit, my current skill set is not of a 2 minute inspection, but as I continue to practice my methods will improve.

    Using the techniques developed in your manual, I've made my first vehicle purchase from an auction.  Because, of my market research and vehicle inspection, I purchased for the "Right Price".   Then sold the vehicle 32 days after posting within social media and online services.    As I am growing and learning daily; it amazes one, the quantity of dealers who "Overpay" for vehicles at the auction. Your training course warned of "Overpaying" and how to bid smart even when walking away empty handed.

    I cannot explain how "FREE" nor the pride I've felt after my first sale. However, I will say that your informational course is a tool that I'll continue to use; which will be a guide and resonate within my arsenal of dealer techniques and service as I grow my Auto business.

    Xavier Thomas


    “Hey George, I would highly recommend your training program for anyone planning to go into this business. Even if you have been in it for a while, it is well worthwhile because you will look with ‘fresh eyes’ and see some things you might have missed otherwise. George presents a fun and informative couple of days, and provides many insights into some of the challenges that will be faced. He will answer all the questions that you have and will bring up things you didn’t think of.

    Unless you have been buying and selling vehicles for a living and using auctions to do so, George’s training WILL save you time and money. The cost of the training is easily recovered by the savings in two or three deals, and his organized and focused methods of appraising and evaluating vehicles are consistently revealing.

    Above all, George makes it fun and fast-moving. He has not stopped enjoying it and he will get you excited about your new enterprise! Good Luck!

    Peter W. Robinson
    Movinmetal, Inc.”


    “Hi George, I am busy trying to get thru the whole course once quickly to get an overview and then I will go thru parts of it again VERY carefully. I am really excited! I was a “Highline Auto Broker” for a couple of years. It came out of my boat brokerage. My partner and I sold powerboats and our clientelle always loved my cars. At the time I spent all my money on owning the most expensive sports cars on the market and justified it by saying that it gave me credibility in business and it did-in a way.

    What happened was my customers that bought expensive boats ended up asking me to find them a car. I fell into it and in the late 90’s everyone seemed to have a lot of money from the dotcom explosion. I made a lot of easy money but never developed any formula and really never knew what I was doing.

    After the NASDAQ crashed and money got tighter luxury and exotic items were not as profitable so I figured I would learn about the car business properly. I decided to get a job at a dealership that sold the cars I knew about.

    I was quite successful at it but its funny, I never got rich but my boss sure did! It seemed like the whole car business consisted of the owner keeping us salespeople as confused, ignorant of the numbers and in the dark as much as the buyers so we couldn’t cough up a good deal even if we wanted to! I learned nothing except how to play a tense game of sales poker and I was ALWAYS bluffing.

    The hours were horrible, the competition among salespeople was fierce and surprisingly, the job was addictive. I ended up working seven days a week and could never find any balance between my personal life and making sure I got paid on all my deals. If I missed a day of work you can be sure a customer I had worked with for hours the day before stopped by the dealership on a whim and upon asking for me was told by one of my fellow salespeople that it was my day off but that HE would be willing to help out by completing the deal and stealing my paycheck! Needless to say my friends all encouraged me to find some balance between work and play or quit, you can guess the rest.

    I gave up the car business went back to school ready to launch into a new field–fell in love, got married and now I am 2 months away from being a father. Needless to say I have been searching for a way to “get serious” and I think I have found it! I know enough to know that you have truly laid all your cards on the table. You have put into one course the entire world of the car business. IT IS AMAZING! I have always wanted to get the big picture but no dealer ever wants to give up their piece of the pie easily. Very few guys know it all. They find a niche and stick to it. Most of the time that means they have to work under someone else. The few guys I knew out there who were their own bosses surely didn’t want to tell me HOW EXACTLY they made a living. You have. It says two things

        You believe that the business can support many more industrious entrepreneurs
        You are truly a rare commodity: a man of integrity and confidence in the car business!

    Thanks, more soon PHIL – Palm Coast, FL”


    “Hi George. Just wanted to write and say I received your email on my recent order for your course. Even though before I ordered your course I felt even if I do not ever sell a car or whatever I would enjoy doing lunch if I ever met you. I guess mostly because I felt you genuinely care for others and not just about making money. Anyway thank you again and I will be looking foward to receiving your package soon.- BILL IN FLORIDA”


    “Hi George, Thank you for the excellent quality information I received within your manuals. Certainly the information shared went to the very heart of the
    matter in helping people get a grip on the used
    car business. I studied, highlighted, outlined, and
    reviewed all the information you shared in order
    to take to heart and soul the depth of value

    Warmest regards,

    Ed Ross
    Kalispell, Montana


    “I just want to drop you a line and let you know how beneficial your course has been. I have been attending auctions for about 8 weeks now, and the techniques on your video and subsequent audio CD are 100% accurate. I have watched other dealers and wholesalers preview cars and some of them are using the same techniques. I have gotten to know several dealers and wholesalers, and you are exactly right, these new acquaintances are very helpful in sharing their knowledge of the industry. Some of these folks have actually given me their business card and asked me to give them a call if I had any questions or needed help with a particular issue.

    Keep up the good work George!”

    Rusty Smith
    Dallas, TX


    “I recently attended George’s “Two Days at the Auction” training, and would like to say that I recommend it to others who are contemplating getting licensed as a dealer. George is very thorough in training you to inspect cars for damage, and to determine if a car is worth bidding on. I
    came away with confidence that I can go to a local auction, understand the process (and the auctioneers), and buy cars successfully.

    George is also a wealth of information about setting up your business process, as well as Internet marketing! He’s a pleasant guy to hang out with too. I enjoyed our time at meals, and of course all the information I received about the business is invaluable. The fried jalapenos were
    great, and so was the cajun food we had. I’d come back to Dallas just for the food! One word of advice, stay at a hotel that’s relatively close to the auction as opposed to by the airport or somewhere else. Thanks George!”

    Dennis in California.


    George, I wanted to write and let you know that study course was completely worth every penny and more…much more. I must admit, I had my doubts about spending the money and time for the auction training and questioned whether it would be worth it. Well….thank God I went through with it. The training, coaching and personal attention you provided during these 2 days has easily given me a 2 to 3 year jump on the industry learning curve. Heck, by the 2nd day of my training I honestly had enough confidence to start bidding and buying that day!

    As if the auction training wasn’t enough, you pressed on to educate me regarding some of the other major points of becoming a dealer. You’re truly something that is rarely found in any industry….an expert with the “heart of a teacher!” Priceless experience. God Bless you brother. J.Shelton”

    “George, I have looked all over the place for books, videos and the like for anyone who in competition with you for the information you offer here. I find noboby that offers the unique package that you do. Barnes and Noble draw a complete blank and other websites usually are only offering a weak rendition of what you offer here. I will be placing an order here this next week. After reading your information more closely it actually answered my original questions I sent you via email. I look forward to doing business with you.”

    Jeff R.


    “What’s up George! Just wanted to give you my take on the “Two Days at the Auction”. Man it was great. Your knowledge and training was awesome. An auction is so fast paced, with so many people that you would be crazy to go there without this training. I was able to watch as you pointed out some of the mistake that untrained dealers were making. Those mistakes cost them big dollars. I was also able to see you locate a car of interest, go thru bidding process and win. That was so exciting. Your inspection process is very much needed by anyone who wants to buy and sell cars. After my intial training, I really enjoyed it as I inspected cars and you pointed out all of my mistakes. Your course is GREAT and it’s worth every penny.”

    Thanks George,
    Lance E.
    New Orleans,La.


    “Hey George,

    I love these weekly tips, and I read every one of them. You really do know exactly what you’re talking about. You probably don’t remember me telling you, but I’ve made all of these mistakes that you talk about. I remember thinking to myself, “Man, how come this isn’t working?” Now, I drive by Dealer lots, and think to myself “He’s not gonna make it. He’s doing it all wrong.”

    Last time I wrote you, my plan was to save $10,000 over the course of a year, and then start buying after studying (not just reading, but studying) your material in the interim. Well, that plan has changed. I got the dealer packet just so that I’d have an idea of what I have to do, and here in Colorado – they want you to have (amongst other things) a net worth of $50,000 which I don’t have yet. That’s ok though. I was putting a $1,000 a month away, and after finding that out, I knew that I would have to curbstone to help me get there. I was going to get the Black Book, but nobody here uses that. So, I have the NADA, and the Kelley. First, I bought an ’94 Taurus for $400 that needed a fuel pump, but everything else was clean. It was under 100,000, no cuts, rust, good tires and all that. I had the fuel pump done for $300 (I don’t have a mechanic yet), got it detailed, and sold it for $2,200 in a week. Next I bought a ’97 VW Golf with 111,000 miles (I stay under 115000) for $1000. I put new tires on it, got it detailed, had the alignment done, and put a cheap Stereo in it ($1800 altogether), and sold that for $3,700 two weeks after buying it. I’ll try to keep doing that through 2006, along with the $1000 a month I put away from my job, and with the help of my retirement account, I’ll have a dealer license (wholesaler) by Jan. of 2007.

    When I get it, I’ll start with buying from small auctions, and selling at big auctions.

    I’m really just saying Thank You for the good work. I would have gotten here anyway it goes, but like you said in the Free Study Course “You can either take the 10 + years to learn this all yourself, or pay for the course.” I must say it’s the best $800.00 I’ve ever spent. Thank You again, and keep the tips comin’. They’re good too.”

    Joshua Ashton


    “Hello George

    I have only had your study materials for less than 2 weeks and wanted to say “thank you!” What an eye opener. I have been buying cars for 30 years for myself and only wish I knew about you years ago. My first purchase was a 2001 Volvo S60. Owned it for only 9 days and netted $2200.00 thanks to following your lead in how to write the ad. I made my second purchase yesterday and again using what I have learned so far from your materials, bought a really nice Jetta for $2,000- $3, 000 below wholesale. I think this one was a steal!

    My long term plan is to make this a full time career. I have been a “car guy” since before I was old enough to drive. This business is a lot of fun and of course profitable. Your guides have explained all the different facets of the business, from brokering to EBAY to wholesaling and everything in between. The audio CD’s are fabulous as I have a 30 mile drive to my office and it nice to have you in the car with me. My goal is to develop the EBay model first then also start following the guidelines on being an auto broker.

    Some people may think the cost of your course is expensive. What those people may be overlooking is that this is without a doubt the cheapest investment anyone could be making. I am proof as I have already at least doubled my investment in just over 1 week!!

    I sincerely thank you not only for the course materials but also how you make yourself available for consultation.

    Best regards,
    Mark Schwartz – TN


    “Hey George, Thanks for taking time with me today. The phone consultation was an enormous help. As a new dealer, it�s extremely helpful getting answers to the 50 or so questions I had � especially in one place.

    Your course gave me the confidence to actually do it and start up my own company. I look forward to joining you at the auction next month.

    Philippe Violette
    NewPort Beach, CA

    “Now, I feel like I have my PhD in auto buying, thanks to George. The course itself is worth its weight in gold, but the auction experience in Dallas is unbelievable! George is totally focused on you and won’t let you not learn how to spot all the signs of frame damage, water intrusion and re-painted cars. He’s right by your side until you get it, get it right and get it good.

    I’ve paid a lot of money over the years for alleged “experts” and have been disappointed. George is the real deal. He tells and teaches you EVERYTHING. What he knows is yours. There’s no ego that gets in the way of his mentorship. Also, the videotape showing how to inspect a used car is worth the price of the course alone. If I didn’t learn or get anything else I would have been happy just having that videotape. It will end up saving me, family and friends thousands of dollars over the years because we’ll be able to spot damage and avoid those cars.

    If you’re serious about buying and selling cars there is no better teacher than George.

    Bette BonFleur
    Orlando, Florida”


    “George, Your course has helped me achieved a business I couldn’t imagine being so easy starting up. I quite my $42,000 a a year managment job and have pursued the car business on a permamant basis making twice as much for starters. George and his courses are the best!! ”

    John Nguyen
    National Auto Finders
    Honolulu, Hawaii


    “Hi George: Purchased your “Used Car Profits” course. about 1-1/2 years ago and sent you a recent e-mail telling you about our success thus far. We have now purchased our own building. We have exceeded $120,000 in sales over only 4 months and are doing very well considering our short time being licensed. We are on car # 69 in our inventory and we have sold about 45 cars in the past 4 months. Your course started us off and we are working the auctions, private sales and trade-ins to generate profit. We are now pre-checking all vehicles we plan on selling certified to our customers since we have made a couple of mistakes in not identifying hidden mechanical issues. At least this way, we can get some insurance prior to pricing our cars. We concentrate on selling cars under $5,000 certified and emission tested and the market is very interested in our offerings compared to other dealers in the area.

    Here is a picture of our new place. Our tenants, wh we rent space to, actually pay our mortgage.
    [dealer license]

    Thanks again and best wishes,

    Alex Musulin
    Bass Lake Motors
    Orillia, ON Canada”


    “Dear George, I read every one of the testimonials on your website before I decided to buy the “Used Car Profits” Package. It was hard to believe the notebooks, cds and videotape could be as good as all of your customers were saying. Well, they are. I can’t wait to get to them every day. The first cd where you interview a dealer in Georgia and the videotape that walks us through how to inspect a used car…those two items alone are worth the cost of the whole package and will save me YEARS of mistakes. If I never sell one car I will personally save myself thousands of dollars or avoid buying a bad car just based on what I learned from the videotape. I’ve bought dozens of instructional courses over the years, but yours is by far–THE BEST!

    Bette BonFleur
    Orlando, Florida”


    “George Dean’s course materials are the best that I have seen in my 58 years. Many years ago I was involved in new car sales, for only about 2 years, and introduced to a course from Automotive Profit Builders on how to sell cars.

    Georges free downloadable 72 page “how to” guide goes that one better. I have reread the booklet 3 times so far since downloading it on July 6. The book is so full of information that it is now dog-eared from checking and re-checking the facts and information.

    I have sent him several questions and the answers are back to me within hours.

    He and his course are the real deal and I have just purchased my first unit for resale. The car is a “beater” that I believe I can make $300 profit on. Then I can turn that into my next step of buying the 1st level of his paid program, and then Katy bar the door.

    George, this is the auto dealer training best system<, in my humble but deadly accurate, opinion, in the world. How else can you make money and enjoy what you are doing.

    Let’s roll,
    Mike Mulligan


    “I just want to say that I don’t know how I would have gotten started without your dealer license training course. I have found that most other dealers will not help you get started. This course is the most informative and easy to understand set of books that I have seen. I would not only tell people they need this course but would say it is an absolute necessity!”

    Billy Smith
    700 AUTO SALES – Texas


    “George, I purchased your training package two weeks ago. This is by far the best information not only in the automotive field but any field. I have bought several other programs and found them to be filled with useless info, empty pages and useless links.

    Right now I am very busy working for a living so I haven’t as of yet been able to read the books cover to cover. However I listen to the CD’s over and over.

    To say the least it has not only motivated me but also showed me that I can do anything the mega-dealers do but for now just on a smaller scale….for now!!!

    My goal is to learn and do every aspect of the market with my main focus on brokering. I already have some future orders in the works. It seems like everybody I talk to is interested in what I am doing and want me to help them find a car for them.

    I have always loved cars. Making money from them is great. Getting paid doing what you love.

    At age 18 I was manager of a car store and later on sold for a high line new car dealer. I was a regular at all the auctions and got to know all the “players” I was also fortunate to have known three people that became the largest retailers in the country. One being the largest Chevy dealer in the nation. So….what happened?

    I was totally turned off by most of the business. I wasn’t raised to lie, cheat and steal to be a success. I wanted to do it my way but didn’t think it was possible.

    Fast forward 25 years. I found George Dean!!!!!

    After using your program I learned what I knew all along. You have the gift of putting it all together so one can truly understand. Never once have I said thats not right or I can’t do that.

    I could go on forever. I am not known for writing someone thanking them. I pay money for something…get the product….case closed. In this day and age it is more like pay 100% and get 85% and feel lucky you got that much. That is where you, George, stand way above the crowd.

    I am looking forward to meeting you at my ” day at the auction” I am sure I will get the fever again!!!

    Thank you once again George.”

    Dale – Houston


    “George, When I was ready for my own lot, there was only 1 location available in the entire county. It was on an industrial road way off the beaten path. I was aware that I would get virtually no foot traffic but I was determined to make it work. Well it took some time but I now am turning a decent profit. I use auto trader magazine as well as the newspaper for advertising. I had my son create a web site for the business. people are finally finding auto planet.

    Networking with other car dealers has been very helpfull. Even though I am in direct competition with them, they remember their tough days. One wholesale dealer who regularly has 30 to 40 cars has let me list his cars on my web site. If I sell them, I give him his wholesale price. i don’t have to invest a dime for this cyber inventory.

    I used your advice. I networked with other dealers and I leased my garage space to a mechanic that already had a customer base. I charge him $600 per month, and he charges me $35/hour for labor on my vehicles. his normal rate is $65/ hour. Much of the work he even does for free. I asked for no security deposit and no lease. That made it very attractive to him. I also let a detailer use
    my facilities. in exchange he gives me $10 per vehicle that he details. He also has an established customer base. on an average month I will collect $250 from him. Now when people see my lot there is always something going on. we look busy. and I think it makes potential customers

    As a student of yours, I have been in business for exactly 1 year. I enjoy this more than any other business I have been involved in! I must Thank You.

    Your course has been invaluable in my success thus far.

    Thank You Again,
    Matt Wheatley
    Auto Planet
    Fredericksburg, VA”


    “Great Tip George — and for me the timing couldn’t have been better. My wife and I have a good chunk of change in savings (that we don’t want to touch unless, God forbid, we have an emergency) – but hey, that’s why we have it there…SO…I am presently in the process of saving enough money to purchase my first car…Let me tell you it is hard! I am so excited to get started, and I have read your manuals and re-read your manuals (which actually gets me more excited to go out and get started buying/selling). But I am learning and from what your manual says from people who are in the business…TAKE IT SLOW…Like I said, it is hard for me…especially when my day job is frustrating me more and more…I am ready to do my OWN thing…But I know timing is everything and I certainly don’t want my first purchase to be a bad one…

    Anyways, in the meantime, I have actually found a new hobby to help me reach my “savings goal” more quickly…I didn’t feel like selling anything (out of my current possessions) to reach my goal, so I used another recommendation from your book…I have always taken pride in my vehicles in detailing them and keeping them nice and clean. My wife thinks I have an OCD when it comes to cleaning the car, but she appreciates my drive for perfection. I have gotten so many compliments on my clean cars in the past I decided to start a side business detailing cars. I researched the internet high and low for more tips and the obsession w/ detailing has intensified…but the best part is…I am using this new addiction and hobby to help me reach my ultimate goal…buying & selling used cars…I have already made over $500, printed business cards, created a complete pricing structure for my services, designed an invoicing template (w/ my wife’s help) and started building a good database of clients and contacts. I have also asked all of my clients to give me first option to purchase any cars they are considering selling…which is a starting point…and a chance to really inspect and appraise the cars.

    Thanks for the weekly emails — they certainly help motivate me and keep me focused on my ultimate goal…

    Gerald (Charlotte, NC)”


    “Hi George, I bought your Silver package some time back, and we communicated a few times after that. I thought the course was excellent and worth every penny. By far, the best course on the auto biz I have come across.” David Sieg

    “Hi George, An update from a student: using your course as a guideline so far I’ve sold 15 cars, at and average profit of around $750 per unit. Your coourse was without doubt the best money I�ve ever spent! This is turning into a very profitable sideline. So, for the update: Finally I have my dealer’s license. No more curbstoning for me. My plan is to attend a dealer auction in the area (Dallas/Ft. Worth) soon and see how the whole process works, and start buying cars for resale there. Best regards, Peter” (TX)


    “Hi George, I just ordered one of your books yesterday. Wonderful information, very helpful, thank you” Dmitry

    George, I want to thank you for taking your time to speak with me on questions regarding cars! It’s very comforting to know that you really take a interest
    in your students progess in any situation the car business offers. This is just a simple note to say thank you for being there when I need someone to anwser my questions.I also believe that you are a Regular Guy and that
    helps a whole bunch when someone is a novice in this industry like me. Thanks again Scott B. (Chicago, IL)

    “Monday 10AM – I had a customer who was looking for an inexpensive SUV for 5K or less. Monday 12 Noon – While having lunch with my wife, I spotted a 1994 Ford Explorer XLT w/151K miles, on a car lot here in Bryan, TX. I approached the dealership, performed a personal inspection and test-drive on it, they had the invoice and carfax, etc…already (Cool!). I flashed my dealer’s license #, and offered them $3500 for the SUV. They took it. Monday 1PM – It was already very clean, but I had them give it a quick wash. I called my customer to tell her I was delivering her new car, and drove it to her house immediately thereafter. Monday 6PM – My customer swung by the bank on her afternoon break around 3PM and brought home 5K in cash home from work. Monday 9PM I made a payment with the $1500 I made (in one day) to pay off my wife’s student loans that we’ve been paying on for years. What a great felling!

    I don’t care who you are, $1500 in a day is good money. It doesn’t happen everyday, but it does happen a few time per year. I just follow the steps in your seminar. You can’t be chicken-XXXX (may not want to post that). You have to be a go-getter! This biz is not for wimps and lazy-people. Thank you George!!” – Marc – TX


    I wanted to touch base I ordered your packet back in January and I have been busy studying and putting
    the technique you have listed in your packet to get my dealers license.

    I found a sweet place near an intersection of a highway and a busy street. Its on my way to and from work and
    close to my house. In fact it is an old house that has been zoned for commercial use for the last 13 years. I pass by it every day and one day it had a for rent sign
    outside so I called and are you ready for this he started at 650/month and I talked him down to 450/month and he
    is paying for the water.The guy is a lawyer that is retiring and only used the office to sign up clients
    in the area so they did not have to drive all the way down town. The place is also fully furnished with furniture,
    what a sweet deal. I have attached a couple of pics of my place.

    Thanks for the support.” Thomas – Mullen Autosource, llc


    “Hello George:

    Ordered your course about a year and a half ago and decided to become a dealer with my business partner. Received license about 2 months ago and am having a great time with the business as well as making very good money on the deals we have done so far. We’re located in Canada
    (Ontario) and are working our way out of our current jobs at this time. We sold 3 vehicles in 1 day (retail) last week and we don’t yet have a proper lot (only a very small one). We bought a commercial property and are closing that deal next month for our new and much larger lot.

    Having a great time. People are now starting to call us for the good deals we are giving and thanks for your course and your help. Please only print my first name if you will be using my comments for
    your web site. I have no problem with that.

    Thanks again George.” Alex Quality Southern Car & Truck Sales


    “George, I just wanted to let you know we have received your study course and I wanted to let you know how it has helped us.

    Before we purchased your program we had bought a car at out local auto auction ( we have a dealers licenses), we own a Body Shop and the car needed some body repair. We put new tires on the car, and etc and had the car sold to some friends of ours for a $1,400.00 profit after expenses.

    We delivered the car on Sat and they called us on Sunday night and said the oil light had come on. Well I found this weird as I had the oil changed at the tire store. So I thought well maybe they did not put enough oil in. So we took the car back and as my husband and I opened the hood I took off the oil cap and smelled it and it smelled of gas ( and I had read that in your book a few days before we delieverd the car).

    I told my husband I had just read in your book that if that smell was present it was a STAY A WAY car.

    Unfortunatly I ordered your course after we had bought the car, but now knew what was wrong. We are changing the oil and taking it back to the auction block hoping to recoop some of our money.

    I want to thank you for such a comprehensive course, my husband and I are studying it together. I have made a check list from your inspection information to take to the auction or where ever we are looking for a car so we have a higher chance of getting a good car.

    Carolyn & Dan Stewart”


    “Hi George, Your materials rock. Best investment I ever made. So far, I’ve purchased 4 vehicles, sold 2 already. You were absolutely right, there’s no rush like it. Present course and speed I plan on opening my dealership in January!

    Moving through the process of getting a dealer’s license, I’ve followed your directions and obtained a dealer packet from the Texas DoT. I have also registered a C-corporation, found a landlord and a lot, and am
    ready to go. Once I get the papers on the c-Corp I’ll execute the lease, get the bond, submit my papers to the state and will be ready to rock and roll in 2005.

    Following your advice I’ve planned out 2 niches- one is work trucks, that I can get cheap with problems (you may recall my brothers / business partners own a paint & body business and a auto repair business), fix them up, and sell them for a reasonable profit. I’ve already sold one truck, netting $250 profit. I have 2 more in my
    brother’s shop right now. People are asking about them daily, and they’re not even ready to sell yet, go figure. The second niche is high-line, older luxury cars. I have owned a bunch of older BMW’s for instance, and know what goes wrong with them and what can be fixed inexpensively. 2 weeks ago I bought an ’89 BMW 735i from a private
    individual. Using the techniques you describe, I worked the price down from an asking price of $2500 to a selling price of $1750. I put some elbow grease into cleaning it up, repairing a problem with the power memory seat, and put it on e-bay while I got the A/C fixed at my brother’s shop. 24 hours later a guy in California did a buy-it-now
    for $2895. Wow, made a grand in a week plus had a cool car to drive!

    Thanks for your help, I’ll continue to keep you posted as things develop.

    Best Regards,


    “George, I just wanted to quickly let you know that I really think highly of your product, but even more impressed with your dedication to supplying support and service to those who purchase your courses. Your constant updates and tips let me know that you truly care about teaching the business, not just selling a product that does so. I can say that I’ve learned many things from the course, but your tips have truly saved me from buying the wrong car on at least two occasions. Most recently, the tip and photo instructing us to check the radiator before buying. Well, I checked, and was glad I did. Keep up the good work, and God Bless!” Gratefully, David (Dallas, TX)

    “Thanks George for the very informative presentation that you have assembled. I have been in the car business for a few years and I’ll have to say that your material is very worthwhile to anyone……..either as a refresher course or new information…Steve H.”

    “George – Your materials are incredible. We searched the internet for a course that would teach us how
    to buy and sell cars at auction. So much of the material out there is just the same, repackaged empty information that cannot be put to real use. We actually bought
    another course online, and after reading through it, we learned almost nothing. Your materials are the exception – they are clear, concise, and packed with great trade secrets, and real guidance in this business. It was
    the best investment we made (after our dealer’s license, of course). Anyway, thanks for the great work – keep it up!” Nick C. from Dynamic Motor Cars


    “George, I bought your course a few months back sold my Lexus repair shop and set out to get my dealers license. It took me three weeks got a small office and start up for less than $1500. Living in Sacramento CA I wanted to find
    nice Lexus cars and joined Manheim Bay Cities auction. I went down yesterday and inspected the cars I found online. My first day at the auction my first car was lane 6 # 5. I let that one go to a guy that paid way too much. Long story short I got premium cars with low miles in excellent
    condition with lot’s of room for profit. After watching for one day the spread between wholesale and retail I am amazed. Thank you for changing my life and lifestyle. I am forever grateful.” Jon


    “George, Hello. I hope all is well with you. I’ve learned quite a bit just on the video and the interview with a used car dealer in GA! I look at used and new cars so much differently now, and it’s amazing how much you can learn about a car without being mechanic! Thanks! Jeramy”


    “Hi George,
    I always believed that only those that sold course benefited from the course. I was wrong. My life long passion and dream is to buy and sell cars. I came across
    your how to buy and sell cars study course, I purchased the introductory course.
    I have done a few things since reading your course material.

    1) I am now clearing a piece of property I had invested in some years ago on a well-traveled street.
    2) I am going to build a small office and open a Pre owned car Lot.
    3) I have sent for and received the Dealers package.
    4) I invested in a one year subscription to Galves.

    Just reading your course material has motivated me to make this move, I picked up my first car as non licensed person, a 89 Honda Accord DX 4DR, 5 SPD, very clean, (high miles) 230K miles, the engine purr like a kitten. I paid $600.00 invested $185.00 by replacing the upper ball joint, and
    CV shaft which had a leaky booth and stiff bearing. I had to Title the car in my name ( PA allows 4 vehicles) another $65.00. This car is now solid. I am sure it will sell for $1500.00 ( Yes it�s that clean) I am not looking to make a killing, just a small profit to buy another car for
    $1500.00 until I reach my State limit.

    I would like to purchase your full course. This will give me the knowledge of what to look for in a used car when I buy private or start going to auctions. What is your opinion on how I am starting. Am I on the right track? Do you have any suggestions to help me build this business? i am not working with a lot of money but enough to start a 10 car lot. i am ahead of the game because I already own the lot and it is in a perfect spot for this business. Thank You.

    You work is truly inspiring.

    Continued Success and King Regards,” Errol from Pennsylvania.


    “George, That was an awesome e-mail. I’ve been getting your “Tip of the Week” for about six months and can tell that your passionate about what you do. But the kind of integrity you showed with your advice to that guy
    is unheard of in almost any industry.” John M.


    “Thank you so much for the weekly tip. Helped me make up my mind. I probably exaggerated in my last email a little. My finances running out meant I do event work in the winter months, but cannot when school is out for the kids. My husband makes an ok salary and we are not deep in dept (thanks to reading Dave Ramsey years ago). If something happened to him, or his business I am on the welfare line. And I do have about $6,000 savings. But you are right, I am at the mad and frustrated point with not being able to get ahead. Just ordered your package (not on tape), will take it slow and learn all I can. Started about two weeks ago just going through publications and ebay to study. Hope being a woman helps this time! Will let you know what happens.” Cindy


    “I just wanted to let you know I have found your books and video very useful, even though I am a car professional it has helped me brush up on everything and I still go over it often, after 10 + years in the business!” Grand Autos – Cedar Rapids, Iowa


    “George, Sure you can use my name. I am so glad I ran across your great web page. I am glad I have a mentor with your knowledge but more importantly someone with high ethics! Thanks again. God Bless.” Dick Backus/Ohio


    “George, I just wanted to say thanks. My company, McNeill Auto Group, Inc. just received its retail dealers license in the state of South Carolina. Your course materials helped us to get our license, it was not an easy tasks. I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are not in vain, the courses really do work.” Hollis


    “It’s Eric, it’s been a while! We recorded the ebay
    conversation last year. Things have changed a lot in my life and I wanted to say “THANKS!!” and let you know what’s up. I have become partners with the wholesalers that used to charge me $500 per car and handle all the paperwork. Since then, we’ve gone into retail autos and motorcycles, plus custom motorcycles. In the past 10 months we have had
    $2.5 million in sales and a net profit of over $300k. I have helped them expand sales in new areas including ebay, plus making the move to retail. We continue to find new and
    creative ways to sell cars, plus as a team we compliment
    each other well. We have a purchaser, a mechanic, and
    internet sales, and we all overlap to some extent.

    George, I honestly would not be where I am today without
    your program. When we talked I thought I was making big
    money, but it came and went. This is sustainable and
    growing … and FUN!

    All my best to you, let me know if I can help you in any way as a thank you.” Eric


    “George, I received my order on yesterday and haven’t been able to put it down since! Great stuff” – Tim Gerald

    George, Thanks for the follow-up. Got the materials last week. WOW, very powerful. If someone can�t make money in this business following your advice, they must not be trying.

    Also, the 1999 Infiniti I30 I got for $6300 sold for $8100 this past week. After myexpenses, I made close to $1500. Your course has been very helpful in figure somethings out I did not know about the car market. It also has taught me to use some resources that I had never imagined. Thanks George. Hollis


    Hi George thank you for your tip of the day, I am a 27 year veteran in the used car business in Vancouver BC. For 13 years 1982 to 1995 I was the proud owner of a car lot that had 300 car inventories all under $4995 and started with only $3000. At the top of my years I had managed to keep a yearly pace in selling 120 cars a month with an average profit of $600 after commissions to my salesmen I had 6 men working 3 in the morning shift and 3 in the afternoon shift. I had to buy special jackets with many pockets so I can look normal taking the cash to the bank, boy this where the good old days, lucky I played smart I made money in cars, and in turn bought revenue real estate, to day I am between looking for a positive opportunity in my 53rd year have a nice home and a commercial building that pays the way in revenue. I like your tips and thank you for your time. Peter


    George, I rec’d your materials and have read most of them. I found a 1987 RX7 wasting away at the back of my mechanic’s lot. He said the owner wants $500. I washed it, vacuumed, waxed it and re-painted the windshield wipers and the metal trim just below door windows. And check it out on my ebay auction. See ebay Item number: 2458466288. I have detailed hundreds of cars, but I even learned a couple tricks from your detail section of your book. The best part was the video – I can spot paintwork in a heartbeat, but I didn’t know a lot of that stuff. VERY, very informative. Thank you, Todd


    George, I want to thank you now for all this information – it’s hard, if not impossible, to find anyone anymore who really gives a damn about the rest of us when it comes to making money for ourselves. You have gone out of your way to provide the general public a way to make a very good
    living, if they just follow your advice. Kudos to you! Take care, John


    Hey George, Thanks alot for the great advice and the excellent audio program you’ve created. Just last week I bought a toyota paseo 93 with a bad engine for 280.00. And I used one of your techniques I learned on one of the cassettes you send me. You were interviewing someone on how to sell a car on ebay. I took the car and placed it on ebay. In a week I doubled or more my money. I sold it for 595.00. George thanks alot your the best.


    “Hi George,

    Just a quick note to wish you a happy new year and thank
    you for your materials and advice. The materials are well
    put together and helped me connect a lot of dots that I was
    unsure about.

    I got your course a month ago and just finished adding up my income for the month. I made a NET of $6230 selling 5
    Cars this month part time.

    Does this seem normal to you or is it just beginners luck?

    If it’s pretty normal then a part time income of 7-8 cars a month is sounding very appealing!

    I have a computer consulting business that gives me the flexibility to pick my own hours and this has been a really
    fun way to use my spare time.I live in a nicer neighborhood and $1000-2000 cars are really out of place here, but some of the 5 and 6000 cars I’ve been buying seem to sell like hotcakes!

    Btw, Great tip of the week this week! Setting goals and
    making plans is critical. Life really is beautiful and too
    many people are busy surviving rather than living it.

    Best regards,


    “George…..I’ve been involved with cars all my
    adult life. I’d like to move on to another phase in my life now. Using my experience in the mechanical end, and your assistance in teaching me the selling end, I’m going to become a dealer. Thank you for your mentorship!” Harry – CO


    “I liked your video and listened to the dealer tape last night. Really great information. I am really looking forward to studying the market and getting going on
    this fast. I’m a Professional Mechanical Engineer by training. I really like cars and I already have a good feeling for mechanical fitness on vehicles based on my own experience owning both new and older cars. Your information will help me immensely, looking for things the average Joe doesn’t have a clue about. I wish I got your course earlier. This is something that I can really sink my teeth into. My goal is to do this full time within 2 years. Believe it or not, I really don’t like my
    job because I don’t like earning limits. This type of business has so many options to make money, it’s really amazing the opportunities that exist. Look forward to getting going on this slow at first and then
    into 5th gear as soon as possible. Appreciate all your help!” Alex


    “George, I bought your program a while ago, I read the whole package. I have just started buying and selling cars. Had to start buying low dollar cars to build up money. First car was 88 chrysler lebaron, car was nice shape but was the reliant K type (fairly ugly) the lady was asking $650.00 for the car, I drove the car and everything worked including a/c.

    I pointed out oil leak at pan gasket and figured that it would cost about $300.00 to fix, also a snag in the headliner would be couple hundred to fix. I told her I would buy for $100.00 and she said make it $200.00 and I gave her $180.00 and drove the car away. I washed the car tightened the oil pan bolts and sold the car in 3 days for $600.00. Profit of $420.00.

    I took this money and a bit more and bought a 1988 honda prelude si for $700.00, since both of these cars were 15 years old I didn’t have to worry about the titles and just had to write a bill of sale “as is” although I had the titles. I sold the prelude for $1000.00 in two days.

    I took this money and went to buy a honda prelude 1991 that a person wanted out of their driveway, it was nice looking but had a knock so I said I wouldn’t be interested so they asked if I would just take it! I drove this car home, it drove nice but knocked but did not smoke. I sold this car as is and told the guy it knocked and had him drive the car and he gave me $500.00.

    Took the $1500 dollars I made from these cars and bought a 1991 honda civic for $500.00 it is auto,with fuel injection 4 door, going for $1200.00 to $1500 in the paper in my area and will sell this good running clean car for $1200.00 after thanksgiving. While driving around I picked up lawnmowers folks had out for trashman and sold to lawn repair shop for $400.00, combined this money with the $1000.00 I had from car deals and today 11/26/03 bought a clean, clean, chevy corsica from a school teacher 1996 with 76k miles and it looks brand new for $1200.00 and will sell for $1800.00 to $2000.00

    So starting from scratch with basically no money, I now have two nice cars to sell after thanksgiving. I will bring my car buying money up to around $3500.00 and will be able to get 2 nice clean $1500.00 cars and double this 3k to 6k.

    These deals haven’t been glamourous but just proof that your system works! I have a regular job and beautiful wife and children 10,8,5,2. I didn’t want to take money out of our already tight budget to start so I used your ideas to start buying these cars and now I am rolling and will be getting into nice cars. I can see buying some of my time back and once I am regularly making $1500.00 a week I will kindly give my job to someone who needs it more than I.

    Thanks so much for teaching me a way to buy back time with my family, my wife is soooo excited. Tim Legant”

    Hello George

    Remember the Chevy Cavalier I bought Wednesday? Due to thanksgiving I didn’t put the car out till last night which was Friday night, there is a Kroger in our neighborhood and there is a designated spot at the far end of the parking lot for cars that are for sale. I put the Cavalier there Friday night at about 6:00 pm and sold the car this morning (Saturday) at 9:30 for $2000.00 cash! Bought the car for $1200.00 on Wednesday night. $800.00 profit, my Christmas bonus is growing fast! Thanks for teaching me how! Tim


    “Hello George, I just now opened the box that came yesterday and I was impressed. Not only do all the materials look good and written clearly, but I mean, the “packaging” itself is Grade A. You’ve found the very best to put your printed materials together. It’s completely obvious that you don’t scrimp on money to
    save a few bucks. You chose quality over finding the
    cheapest printer of your media for your customers/clients Thanks so much. Kind regards.” Rick


    “Thanks for your continued support, comments, and awesome
    feedback.” Kevin


    “Thanks George, help is worth much more than the price of the materials you sell.” Luyen


    Hi George. I have been studying your materials for the past week or so, and I must admit….you give alot of value in your course. Being that I have 8 years experience in the business, helps me understand your wisdom alot faster; however there is alot of critical things I didn’t know and would not have known had it not been for your course.

    I spent 4 years selling cars for BIG dealerships (Cerritos Auto Square) One of the biggest auto malls. I also had 4 years experience as a finance manager. So I am well adept at sales, negotiations and just plain CAR sense! What you helped me with is the BUYING of the vehicles. As a salesperson, you are just GIVEN the cost. Now I have one more area that I can control( I’m gonna kill ’em)

    Also, when you are raised in the car biz, you are taught that ALL of your opportunities are within the DEALERSHIP! You have to be lucky enough to move up the ranks. But by no means does ANYBODY ever talk about doing the biz on there own. To open up your own dealership, just the mention of this would get you laughed at histerically. You are the only person I know who has actually busted the “code of silence” and give out the secrets of hitting it big in the car biz. This is what I most benefit from reading your manual. Either you’ve gotta lot of balls or someone in the biz must have really pissed you off!! I don’t think your other readers really understand the veil of secrecy that surrounds the car biz. I have close friends that were hire up than me, that would not share with me the knowledge on how to advance. Close friends!! Anyways, hopefully your other readers can read this and understand that they are NOT supposed to be learning this information… So this is how you help me. A no nonsense brother to brother approach to the ownership side of the biz. Talk to you later . Jakob from southern cali(the Mecca of the car biz)

    I received your mini course a couple of days ago, although I have read it once already and I have started to read it again.I have a million questions but I have answered alot of those with a little research. I have to say I was shocked when I came upon your web-site. You mentioned going into see a dealer and asking them politely to teach you the buisness,because I did just that and walked out feeling like an idiot.The bad part was that I knew the guy! Blade Dallas Tx.


    I have finished reading, listening and visualizing all the material received last week, and after being 30 years in the Automotive Parts Business, I can see something new and very interesting to learn eventhough I am 63 years old and I like to continue the car business forever. Miquel, Miami Beach, FL


    I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I am enjoying your course. I received it last Friday and have literally spent all my free time watching the video (several times) and reading/ re-reading the books and
    listening to the tapes. I have made countless notes and am completely amazed at how much SOLID information you provide…there is no fluff here at all, just
    tons of information that I know will help me in every deal I make. I must also tell you how much I appreciate how quickly you responded to me before I was a customer. I have purchased other used car business items over the net and was disappointed in a big way with what I received, not
    once, but twice! The combination you provide with the materials and the ability to talk to you on the phone and ask questions makes all the difference in the world!
    Once again, thank you for a quality product that I will be using this weekend when I will go out and buy my first Honda Accord. I’ll keep you posted. Jerry – Cumming GA


    Hi George! Great talking to you today and I can see this is going to be a lot of work but bring a lot of success too! If you remember in my earlier email, I mentioned to you that I bought another “course” on the net and it was a
    joke. If you promise not to laugh at me, I’ll tell you I spent $35.00 each for this junk…who knew! Actually, I am glad I did, because I now see the incredible value in your program and all I’ve seen so far is the free one! I can’t wait until tomorrow when your package arrives so I can dig in! I’ll call you soon after I get up to speed. – Jerry in Cumming GA


    Hello George, Just wanted to let you know the package is OUTSTANDING. The information and tips you provide are worth much more than your fee. I know for a fact the dealer interviews prevented me from making several costly mistakes I had unknowingly planned to do. Good work! – Russell in Houston


    Wow George I was completely amazed by that interesting knowledge! – Martine


    George, The Chevy Cavalier just sold. I got $2800 for it. My reconditioning costs were a little more than anticipated due to a last minute problem costing me $150. I still came out $500 ahead! The Saturn I’m driving now, I won’t sell that for another month. Larry


    Hi George, I got my packet in on Thursday and have not stopped reading since. A lot of excellent info that this novice will need to read more than once. Thanks again and I am sure I will have some questions in the near future. Thanks, Jim S. (NC)


    George, I have received your emails for the last few months. Very useful!!! – Wayne

    I’m looking forward to ordering your material during the 2nd half of this month. Since my job requirestravel and I won’t have the time to do a location, selling through the internet will be a viable option for me. Thanks for your splendid support even before I order. That speaks volumes about you! Alston


    Hello George. My name is Dan Maguire, owner of Pro Auto Finder. I’m an independent dealer, working out of a small office in Escondido Ca. I purchased your book entitled “Used Car Profits.” It’s been a big help to me. I spent my first 2 1/2 years selling $10K+ cars. I did pretty well my first year, but as the economy slowed so did my sales. Your website and book turned me on the the wisdon of selling cheaper cars. Thanks! I’m selling more cars now, and surprisingly enough, my profit margin has increased. – Dan


    I read your free course. It was insightful. Patrick


    First off, I’d like to say that yours is the only
    website that gave public information without asking
    for my visa. I appreciated that. – John


    By the way your information on your web site and weekly tips have put us further along then we would have ever been, I can’t wait to get my hands on your platinum package! – Damon


    George – your tips and course are the sh%^! Really!!! But
    you know this… Marc


    George, received the package on Saturday and couldn’t put it down all weekend! Bryan – Golden Valley,MN


    George, Thanks for the quiz! I have learned from you already!!!! Jamie


    I recieved your package today, it is a well put together course, I have listened to the interview with the car dealer from Georgia.. GREAT INFO!!! – Jeff


    I have been reading and enjoying your study course. Your video tape on inspecting cars is very helpful. Thanks for your time. Dennis


    I made my first eBay to auction transaction. I bought a car from a gentleman on eBay after his auction ended unsuccessfully and after first looking at some Mannheim results. I picked up the car in Wisconsin and drove it straight to Mannheim’s Arena Auction. After auction fees and some small travel expenses, I made a net profit of $1340 in 36 hours. I never would have thought to go “backwards” as it were with a wholesale transaction without listening to your tapes. The deals are out there if you RESEARCH everything! You’re the man. Eric


    Hey George. I just wanted to drop you a quick line and let you know how extremely pleased I am with your product. As a 12 year veteran of the auto industry, brought up in the old school method, I can’t think of a more comprehensive program than the platinum package I recieved. It blow my mind! You cut no corners with the “must have” info anyone can apply to make a ton of money in the car industry. You also did a great job explaining why we have so much fun pushing iron. It would have been a bargain at 10 times the price. Anyway after 12 years in automobile sales and various titles I took the plunge and resigned my position today. Remember I sold 26 cars for the Chevy dealership last month(April 2003) and over 220 last year alone. I made great money but now I get to keep it all. Anyone looking to get ahead in life needs to order your program now! Take action, have some fun and make alot of money. Thanks a Million George!!!!
    Paul in Northern Michigan


    George, I started my own buy here pay here lot 3 years ago and am doing well. I picked up some new tips from just your free sample and discovered a few mistakes I have been making! It really is easy and fun to make money selling cars. I have been doubling sales every year and if this year is no different, I expect to sell over 300 units. I hope the folks getting your free sample are paying attention! My experience tells me you have an excellent read and a MUST read for the beginners! Thanks!!!! John


    I really enjoyed your other tape-interview with the dealer from Atlanta, GA. Wes


    Hello George, First of all I would personally like to thank you for not letting me run into this with blinders. Living a few hours away from you in Temple, Tx it is nice to know that there are still business men with INTEGRITY. I’ve recently joined an auto auction web site and thought it would be a piece of cake. After reading through your free trainning manual I’ve learned how much I needed to learn.

    George, would recommend this course to anyone. (no matter how long they have been in the business) I know its good stuff because I worked for one of the biggest Chevrolet Dealerships on the East coast and this is better than the GM training! William


    George, I appreciate the informative course you sent. It has
    given me a great start. – John


    Hi George! Last month I bought a 1996 BMW 318ic Convertible for $7600. It had two creases in the driver’s door, two cig burns on the back seat, the interior top was loose in the back corner, and the manual transmission popped out of first gear. I had a seat repair guy fix the burns for $90, washed it inside and out, and sold it on ebay for $10,000 with ALL PROBLEMS stated! The buyer used the “Buy it now” feature and flew in from Salt Lake City (I’m in Chicago). He got a great deal, we made some serious cash, and we had the car for 10 days. Thanks!!! Eric

    PS I am also selling for a wholesaler for $500 each. I never thought I’d be in used car sales, but it’s more fun that I ever dreamed and we’re driving the cars we love (BMWs)! It’s a big change, going from making car payments to making car profits!!!


    Hello George! I think what you have put together in this formal program is AWESOME! I am also a used car wholesaler in the business for about 7 years now. To make a long story short, i have excelled tremendously since those years and am very happy so far. My future goal is to have my own buy here pay here lot! Your advice is very truthful and encouraging. I will recommend this site to all my friends looking to get into the business. You seem to have shared many years of hard core hands on experience in this business with your readers. Congratulations! Chuck H. Baltimore, Take Care and Congratulations on a job well done!


    Hi George, Thanks so much for your emails. I am in partners with Mike K. in Jersey and we bought your course 2 weeks ago. We are really excited about starting a business. Please keep me on this tips and helpers email list.

    George, I read over and over your manuals often. Much of it is highlighted, and a lot of notes taken. – Joe (MO Dealer)


    I am learning using your manual and am at the part of how to inspect the vehicle and what to look for. You have some good info on the frame damage. I never knew where to look. – George (Maryland)


    Purchased your program and I love it. You have the best website chock full of information…and to top it off, you say what you mean and mean what you say. – Mike(FL)


    Hey G- just a quick note to let you how great things are great here in Iowa and Illinois. First I wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work with the course. I am a Platinum PLUS student. I told some family and a few friends that i bought your course and they laughed @ me ….. Well to date, i have bought 4 cars…a Isuzu trooper bought for $700/sold for $900…a 89 ford aerostar bought for $150 /sold for 400…1990 Chevy Lunina APV bought for $750/sold for 1150…and today,the long but great story… shopping around being a little more aware of things to look for and not rushing around,,(i jumped in a little too fast @ the start of this before i got your material,,,so after reviewing the course over and over,,,) I bought a 1995 dodge caravan for $1200…THREE HOURS LATER…after a wash, vac, and shampoo ($15.00)…I was placing at my sale spot…I didnt even have a price marked on it yet..remembering what you had stated in your audio tapes “he who says the first price loses…I asked him what it was worth to him and after a quick test drive and negoitation,we settled on a price of $2275! WOW!!! Over a grand for three hours of doing what I enjoy. George, I told a friend and family and now I AM THE ONE LAUGHING ,,,ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!!! Thank You again for all of your help. Please feel free to pass this along with your weekly tips. I hope that it encourages everyone. God Bless, Jeremy



    Yes, I was pleased with the content. You packed the volumes with much good material. It is not a few pages of fluff, stretched out to fill a book. That’s the way some courses are. They look like they are written by high school students who were told “You MUST write a 10 page paper”. Those students who have only 5 pages worth of thoughts start padding the paper, saying nothing or being repetitious.Not so with your books. Good , well-thought-out material. Richard


    Hi G- Greetings from Iowa,,, this is just a quick note to say thank you for all of your help and for creating the course. Today I made my first sale. It was a 1993 Suzuki Side kick JX, I bought it for $600 dollars,(the seller was asking $1100 , i lowered his price using the methods in your manual as well as your video)/ I did minor reconditioning,(spent $75 for seat covers,wheel covers, shampooing, wash, air freshiner,and wheel brite) and 2 hours of my time cleaning. I sold the vehicle for $1350!!!! WOW According to my math that puts my hourly wage to around $300 per hour. Again this is my first step to what i hope will be my own used auto lot. I have already started the process to lease a location and I am starting papers for my licence after the new year. I will keep you posted to how things are going. Again THANK YOU, Jeremy H. (ACE Auto Sales)

    Hi George: I just got your materials and they are great. The video is a little rough, but hey you did it by yourself. I learned more watching your video and
    reading the first 25 pages of your manual than I did sitting thru 8 hrs of mandatory dealer training in Oregon. – Bruno


    Hi George, I enjoyed our conversation today.
    Each day in this business is a new learning
    experience. In our conversation you mentioned
    something that really helped me in my my next step
    forward. You said “Nick,the best thing you can do is
    keep building your rolodex”. Sometimes the timing of a
    comment can be very profound. I’m glad I had the
    opportunity to call you! Thank you for putting out a
    quality product and service. I’m glad you are part of
    my rolodex……
    Good Luck,


    George, I just wanted to share this with you. I’ve actually dabbled in selling used cars over the years but never did anything serious with it because I was working full time. Now that I’m unemployed and have your book( Used Car Profits) I have much more time and knowledge to devote to selling used cars. I bought a 1990 Honda accord for $1800.00, I put $400.00 in the car and sold it for $3200.00 all in 4 days. Thanks for all great ideas, Gene


    Hi George, Just finished with the tape set and wanted to commend you on an excellent product. It was exactly what I was looking for. – Robert [thanks!]


    George: Thanks for the “Tip of the Week” emails …. very informative and thought provoking. I’ve been able to get through most of the material I received from you a few weeks ago and I must say “its a lot!” I say that in a good way as you have information on so many paths one can take in the car business. – Chip


    I look forward to receiving (the upgrade package) and thanks again for such great material, communication and customer service. Also, just out of curiosity, have you ever thought about taking your course on the road and doing seminars or infomercials? I still have not found anything to match your exhaustive info. for the money. Just a thought. Trey [I have entertained the seminar thought]


    George, I am impressed! This is a great course, LOT’s of info. Keith


    I received your package Thursday. Thnx for your prompt delivery. I will look through it this weekend and let you know what I think. It seems you have a wealth of knowledge, I hope I can use it to run a profitable business, (car business), doing many things outlined in your manual. Thanks again for your speedy delivery. Timothy


    I am so excited, this is the coolest thing I’ve done in years. I placed an AD in my local Penny Saver Booklet that comes out every week. It says, “Let Me Sell Your CAR, No Hassle Phone Calls, I Do It All For YOU! Call For More Details… I received 13 phone calls from people my first week that wanted to sell their cars. I made appointments with all of them to inspect the vehicles that are to be sold.

    Everyone of them had a different reason why they were selling and that’s where for those of you who have George’s Course have the advantage over me, that you will learn how to use this information to sell the car at retail, wholesale, the list goes on and on. I inspect the car and valuate a price by using my black book. I then find out what is the price they are looking for, what is the lowest price they will take and any background information they have on the vehicle. I explain to them that I charge a $200 finder’s fee and if I am able to get any more above their highest price than we split it 50/50. They all have said yes. Listen to what they say, keep your ears and eyes open and keep your mouth shut. They will tell you everything you need to know to sell the car and put money in your pocket. One of my customers said that the dealership offered him $1400 for his 1992 Chevy S-10 as a trade-in. He thought it was worth more. You and I both know that dealerships offer a very low price. The lowest price my customer wanted to go was $2000, he was asking $2500. Now if I had the money to put out I would have bought the vehicle for myself to sell and make a nice profit. But instead I sold the truck for $2800 in less than a day. I made $200 for selling it and $300 profit because I sold it for more than the highest price he was asking for, that I split 50/50 for a total of $150. The next day I sent him a thank you card for his business and deposited $350 for a few hours of work. The best thing was I received a phone call the next day by one of his family members wanting to sell their car. Referral’s is the name of the game. Don’t lie, be up front with people and you will succeed in this business.

    As for today I made a new contact with a fleet manager for a Chevy dealership. Now when I come across a customer that is selling their car and I find out that they are going to purchase a Chevy. Who’s the man that can make that deal go nice and smooth? Get the picture?

    Well George I hope your readers see the potential and the advantage that they have by ordering your course, God knows I have a lot more to learn. Just need to be a little creative that’s all. I can give you some hints and some help, but you need to order George’s Course to be a pro, all you have to do is DO IT! Adam White


    Thanks for being so generous with your awesome knowledge!! You bring good thoughts and hope for freedom from a boss as well as dreams of financial independence! Thanks, Peter


    George, I received the gold package and just as promised it is packed with valuable information. I plan on reading the booklet several times and perfecting the strategies that you have devised. I attended my first public auction today to inspect cars and get an idea of values for older Hondas and Toyotas. I look forward to our correspondence and am confident in the system and my future success in the car business. Thank you, Scott


    Thanks for taking the time to email the additional information. It’s clear you have the best intentions regarding the sharing of your valuable knowledge. Peter


    Wow George that was quick…adds a lot of credibility to your course. I’m reading through the free study course download right now and I like what I see. You’ve sold me I’m getting your gold package course…I’ve never had such a quick response honest and to the point replies from a how to book source. I have experience in Real Estate and have come across numerous tape and book guys who make all their money from the how to tape and books and almost nothing from actual real estate investments. It doesn’t appear that you have much in common with these types. Eric


    I got it today! I am studying with [it] all night. I like the fact that you have offered many approaches to the used car selling game. I am a writer and do not want the business to rule me; I want to be able to turn cars over but control my time so that I can use a lot of my time for writing. So in my initial read of your manual I am carving out a strategy that I think will works for me. I have been in business before and I know that if you are not careful a business will RUN YOU and not the other way around. I intend to read this manual at least 3 times before buying my first car. I believe in adequate preparation so things aren’t GEORGE.. …trust me…. I am going to have some fun making me some good money and having time to finish my book and play…lol Thanks for providing so many people with hope, vision and a direction for making like financially more rewarding. Your Attentive Student, Dedrick”

    Hi George, Well I went over your free course and over and over again. I said “no way can I do this”. After ordering yoru course I can now say “I can do this”. I just sold my 1st car! I cleaned inside and outside and put it out front to sell, it sold in 3 days for $550.00. Your [free study] course even free works! So I am going to start to look for another car and see if I can do it again. I will be buying your other course as soon as I can. Maybe I can make a
    small living with buying and selling car even with 15 car lots around me. Thank you George I will be in touch soon


    Mr. Dean, I just completed your manual today. I know that I will read it again this week, several times and will refer to it countless times! There were some grammatical errors, but as a law student who reads a lot you kinda notice little things. But, my friend, you are a man who provides value in what he sells! Not a lot of puff and fluff all throughout telling me I am gonna be a millionaire in a year. Just good, practical, common sense information on how to make REAL money in the business. Very practical and thorough information. Sincerely, I have bought many courses over the years on everything from real estate (ever heard of Carleton Sheets? (LOL) to the stock market. Your course is the best value I have ever seen. Mr. Dean, thank you again for your honesty in what you promised and the promptness with which it was delivered. I know that the information is gonna put many dollars in my pocket in the months and years to come. Thank you, ” WOW – Thanks!


    These are all excellent ideas. I will attempt some immediately. You have a great mind!! Amber


    It is so refreshing to find an honest person out there who sells useful money making info!!! THANK YOU! I have eleven months to go before I leave UPS after thirty hard years. While I study your info I am doing whatever I have to, to get my license. Who needs to retire when you can have fun and make a little money to boot?…… Bradley


    I hope all has been well with you this year. Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I now have a note lot running with 30 units thanks to the advice you provide in your manual.>/i> Chris H. Thank You Chris!


    Thank you for your emails to date. Sounds like common sense is not dead after all. DW


    Thanks for your prompt answer (and great advice)!” Eric


    Hi George, I like your E-mails, very informative.” Ron


    Hi George!

    I received your gold package in the mail the other day and have spent a good deal of time with it. So far I am satisfied with the package and plan to continue to study it. I realize that this is not a get rich quick scheme
    and am willing to put the time in to become comfortable with the material.

    As I have been reading through the manual I have already started to formulate a plan of action which I wanted to run by you. I also have some general questions which concern me. I would very much appreciate your response.

    My plan is to start off slow and ease my way into this market. I have limited money however do have the benefit of a very flexible work schedule. I also have a few friends that are in the auto market and believe they can be
    an asset. I realize the benefits to curbstoning however, being a police officer, this would not be something that would be a good idea for me. Here is my plan…

    1) To read and reread your manuals and also compare and supplement your notes with research from the Internet. An example of this was what I did yesterday, downloading lots of info about detailing autos from various free sites.

    2) Start watching prices on Chevy Luminas between the price range of $500 and $2500. I currently own a 97 Chevy Lumina and you advised to pick one type of car to start with. I believe this is a good car in general and believe that owning one myself will help me successfully locate a decent car to start with. The only problem with Luminas that I know is that it costs several hundred dollars (sometimes up to $700) to replace the fuel filter, this is
    something I have to be very careful with.

    [Me- This is the way to start – Specialize in one car you like and know!]

    3) Completely detail my own Chevy Lumina and see how it turns out. This is another reason I chose to start with this type of car. Hopefully much of the products I will buy to detail my car will be compatible with the needs of the
    auto I am buying.

    4) Start a diary of sorts on my daily experiences of learning about buying and selling cars. I believe this is important. Documentation helps provide organization as well as motivation.

    5) Start developing a list of prospective places to buy vehicles along with places to sell them.

    6) Practice inspecting vehicles till I become comfortable with them. This should be fairly easy for me. After making a traffic arrest at work, I have to follow up by searching the vehicle for various things. Well, after
    watching your video the other night I found myself inspecting the car more than actually searching it! It was kind of funny but it was also interesting. I remembered you saying that you will never look at a car the same way again
    and after watching the video and I can attest to that.

    7) Buy the car. I don’t plan to rush this, but I do plan on doing so. I have also told myself that unless they are giving the car away, I will not buy the first 2 cars I look at. This may end up costing me a nice deal however I just
    don’t believe that I will be an “expert” starting out and don’t want emotions or nervousness to cause me problems.

    8) Sell the car at a profit, any profit to begin with. Take the profit, buy another.

    Thank you for your consideration and time.” Chad -WI


    “I really appreciate you responding to my mail.I feel I have the know how to make this business work for me..I plan to buy your course because you sound quite knowledgeable… I appreciate your advice. I am really excited about making some money in this field.”Lynn


    I’ve finished your book, tape, and video and they were very informative. Brian


    Before I try this on my own, I’m going to buy your course and find out all the secrets that you know about the car business since you have worked for large dealerships. The price of your course is a bargain, compared to the money you could lose by venturing into uncharted waters.” Randy


    “George, I am using your system since November and have already bought and sold three cars in my spare time. Thanks again.” – Ed D


    Got the [Gold] package and read the first 100 pages, viewed the video and listened to the tape. The course material seems very good and value for money. I liked the questions asked in the interview and they are questions I would have asked. Congratulations on putting together a good course. David


    I received your manual on Monday, March 5. Excellent material, George! Very well written. No FLUFF! Greg – Houston


    Just wanted to write to you and say that I enjoyed your website. I admire how you are honest in the money that can be made in this business. Other sites quote outrageous profits per single car sale. Now while large profits can be made from a single car sale they are not the norm. G.C.


    BTW, The Video was an excellent production. Very well done. Stan


    Thanks for taking time to read that long letter and give me feedback. I feel like a student who just got his report card back from his teacher – It feels like a C- with most of the points coming from diving in and trying it. Well,
    I hope to get a better grade next time, and look forward to telling you about making some money in a deal soon.” Mike


    George, Got the [inspection] video a week ago and just wanted to tell you it was very good. I have watched it a couple of times and went out and examined my own cars a little closer. True to what you said. I found things that I wasn’t aware of. [And I] just bought an 89 Chevy from a probate sale for $ 400. Car was very good looking. Gave it the “once over” and will sell for $ 1200 minimum. – Eddie”


    George, By all means use my comments to promote your business! There is enough “out there” for everyone, and we need to put a bigger dent into franchise dealers’ wallets. They are making obscene profits at our expense; and I am most unhappy at the way they control the open market with their efforts to suppress competition via obnoxious laws through funding sleazy politicians! Sincerely, G Daniel


    I am pleased with the ideas and information contained. You are so right to stress the need for personal experience. your information will serve as a guide in this business. Thanks for your efforts and best wishes to you and yours” LK


    I have received your video and cassette today, it was very helpful. Amir


    Hi George! The book is great! You really spent a lot of time on it and it shows. I don’t want to miss out on the
    video. Sure look forward to seeing and applying the video. Thank you. PS I really enjoyed the section on pre qualifying the seller on the phone. I have modified those questions when I buy anything it sure saves a lot of wasted trips. Just those questions were well worth the price of the course. Thank You.” M Hess


    Okay. Thanks again for the advice. I’m determined to make some extra income doing this. It is great having you as a coach. Thank you! Mike”


    “George, I am impressed with your generosity with the “free lessons” download. My money order will go out today. Looking forward to the course and video. I will be getting my dealer’s license on 11/6/00 so this will all fit right in. Thanks,Ed

    P.S. By the way, I did look at a lot of other websites. The deciding vote was your background in the car business. You have been there!”


    “Since you were involved with the big boys (Carmax, etc…) I look forward to your valuable insights. It would have taken me years of automobile involvement to get a fraction of your knowledge! That kind of time wouldn’t have been possible.

    “Obviously, not a heck of a lot of people have the kindness to provide inside info that you have experienced. Maybe most car people would rather keep it to themselves. ” K Migaki, Portland OR


    “Praise Jesus! The first car is sold and looking for another! Only made $572, but learned much. This was as you call it a “skinny” deal. An elderly lady (86) bought it to replace hers that she just wrecked. She saw it out of the paper of all places. This is real fun, so I think I will sell 1 a day. Whatcha think?”R Parr, Atlanta GA


    “I ordered your manual via US Post and you sent it last month. Thanks for a really good read! Your prompt response is reassuring me that you are a very good business man — someone with whom I can form a lasting relationship.” G. Daniel


    “I have a quick question about the manual I ordered.
    I looked through it and thought it was great !!” Terry W., Houston TX


    I just wanted you to know I finished reading the “Used Car Profits” manual (two to three times) I purchased from you. I am very impressed with what you put together. I have always been interested in knowing the ins and outs of this business. This manual was exactly what I have been looking for.” – Tony S.


    “Well, George I just read your first lesson over the internet and my head is swimming and I am very excited.” – Dave


    “Thanks for the manual George. I recieved it pretty quick and can’t believe all the helpful info it contains. You did a great job.” – Marc


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