"Discover the Closely Guarded Secrets of Used Car Dealers, Wholesalers, & Auto Brokers"
Howdy Car Guy (said in my best Texas accent)!

     Before you jump into the video training with both feet, let me give you some background.

     To be candid, I made every single mistake you can make in the car business! Early in my career, my lack-of-knowledge & street know-how lead me to buy cars that had been in accidents, frame damaged, flooded, and cars with transmission issues...

     Learn from my mistakes!

     My name is George. As incredible as it seems, I am a former gymnastics coach turned used car dealer. If I can do it, you can do it!

     You see, during college... way back in the day... I flipped cars for profit to pay for my habit of sleeping indoors and eating food each day... Truth be told, I needed date money! (Ohhhh...the good ole college days!)

     And, as I said.. I made every mistake in the book! I felt like an idiot but I did make money!

     Then I met Pauly.. a good-ole-boy... a high volume used car wholesaler from Florida. Pauly was a typical Floridian...bad tan and all. He had street smarts times ten! A fun rough-n-tough car guy with tons of stories! He told about the time he ran down a dark hallway at a dingy bar.. down in the Keys.. just to cold-cock a guy in the jaw & flip him on his ass... Pauly belly laughed like Santa! It was never dull!

     Although Pauly was "raw" in demeanor, he knew the car business cold... and I was the eager young puppy ready to learn! He took me under his wing. My first mentor.

     In the coming months, Pauly pulled back the curtain... revealing everything he knew! I was a sponge... soaking it up.. taking notes.

     We traveled the country buying cars at big dealer auctions & little auctions - you name it, we were there! Heck, we even ran our own auctions! Oh, the lessons I can teach you!

    Pauly and I horse-traded cars daily... flipping hundreds of vehicles a month! You can't replace that type of experience!

It felt like a fraternity hazing - he had me inspect thousands of cars every month. I was "in the lanes" at the car auction bright-n-early each morning, ... The cars went as far back as the eye could see. I inspected them all! The auction was ground-zero for me... the very best training possible for a green-pea.

    Although my mentorship with Pauly ended a few short years later, he taught me the closely guarded secrets, strategies, & profit models of the top used car dealers & wholesalers.

     I carried those lessons with me... as new experiences taught me about auto brokering, flipping cars from ebay, craigslist, facebook, auto trader, ... In fact, did you know I was the very first dealer to use VIDEO inside ebay motor auctions!

     Some years later, I bundled everything I knew and established the Auto Dealer Academy™ to train you... SO... you don't make the mistake I did! Get smart. Be smart & get trained!

     Todays training video isn't just a video... it is a roadmap.. a blueprint... for crushing it in the used car business - either part time or full time.

     The truth is, I'm excited for you - truly!
I remember when I was first learning these secrets, piece-by-piece, over 23 years ago. It was like a mental orgasm. I couldn't stop devouring this stuff. Flipping cars was my crack cocaine - the profit is an incredible high! Trust me, it's addictive!

    Once the car business gets in your blood, its in your blood! nothing you can do about it!

Seriously - I envy you. I wish I could experience it all again... but of course I can't. I'll settle watching the light bulbs go off in your head!

     Your journey will be an exciting experience. It will make you come alive.

     Final word of warning, these techniques are not Mickey Mouse. They aren't for the faint of heart or the weak. They are powerful. They are life altering if you are ready!

The car business is a GREAT business. Your own business, your own hours, your own life. The water is warm... jump in!

Frankly, few men have the balls to do it!

     Enough already - let's get this party started. Watch the webclass! Click the GREEN Button below!  
"How To Buy & Sell Used Cars & Trucks for Profit"
Join Hundreds of "Car Guys" Who Are Crushing It In The Used Car Business... Get Started Today.

Video Sneak Peak:
At 7:09: Question: What Is The WORST Car To Buy? Answer: A Car You Wish You Had Never Bought! Discover the One BIG Mistake Beginners AND Seasoned Professionals Make That Triples Their Chance Of Buying a "Bad Car". And... It Is Completely Avoidable. I'll Reveal How To Make Sure This Doesn't Happen To You!

At 10:49: Learn About One Of MY BIG STUPID MISTAKES! And, It Was Costly Too! I Never Ever Want YOU To Make This Mistake! I Will Hammer Into Your Head... "Follow The System".

At 23:14: Discover The Average Profit In The Used Car Business! For A "Newbie", This Number Might Shock You! For Industry Insiders, We Say "Yeah Baby!".

At 24:56: How to Turn $2,863 Into $20,616. This is TOTALLY Doable... Part-Time... On The Side - The Perfect "Side Hustle".

At 26:38: Three Car Deals Explained & Explored. PLUS.. One KILLER TIP! I Use the Auto Trader, eBay, and the "MMR" (A Secret Tool I'll Reveal) To Show You What Is Possible. One Skinny Deal, One Normal Deal, and One Homerun!

At 35:40: The BEST Profit Model For 2018! Discover My Recommendation...The VERY BEST WAY To Make Money In The Car Business.... There is No Way You Will Guess It!
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